Why come?

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1. Nature-filled landscape near the capital

The Küla villa vacation resort is located on the beautiful area right next to Tallinn – only 15 kilometres from the centre.
It is a private, nature-filled area where you can enjoy the feeling of complete privacy with nothing but a forest and panoramic landscapes around you. The priceless value of Küla villa resort is the winding lake with multiple subcontinents offering the opportunity for leisure and water activities (i.e boat rides, water-jumps etc.). The area is rather wide-as much as the eye tells you can see green grass and large landscapes with the chance to play outdoor games, have a picnic, play golf or just enjoy the priceless view.

2. The main- and sauna house with an extraordinary architecture

Another value of Küla villa leisure resort is the architecture, which by its nature is perfect for the woods-spacious rooms with high ceilings create a panoramic glimpse to the colorful trees and landscapes during the summer, or to the beautiful white snow carpets during the winter.
In addition to the architecture, another great niche of Küla villa is the interior design, which comes from centuries ago, where our greatparents used to work and live in big farms.
The sauna house offers a possibility to enjoy the real Estonian sauna together with a yakuzi and lake jumps/ice-hole jumps straight from the sauna house.
In the main house there is room for up to 20 people for a peaceful sleep right on the third floor, with wide skylights and a beautiful view to the stars right before you nod off.
On the other hand, being a fresh married couple gives you the opportunity to enjoy our romantic 40 square meter bedroom with a wide bed and the bathroom with a 1.5 person bath and a balcony right under the sunshine.

3. An inspirational atmosphere for various schoolings.

For trainings and seminars, whether you organize or participate, is Küla villa the right place. All the people here have said that the environment for these kinds of activities is just right – it’s not exhausting, you feel free and have great ideas. We think it is because the second floor of the main house, where the seminars usually take place is a very spacious, bright room with rather high ceilings and a lot of light. And in case it gets too hot, you can always just walk outside to the big balcony and enjoy the view of the sauna house next to the lake and the endless fields of green.

4. A lovely milieu for a beautiful wedding

If you wish for a special wedding in a cozy and classy atmosphere in the middle of nature, then Küla villa is the place. You have tons of possibilities starting with a large wedding tent until every one of you personal wishes. And of course, the authentic Estonian landscapes and nature is always a nice background for your wedding photo. It being the most important day of your life, we are always here for you to grant every one of your little wishes.

5. Options for company’s summer days and get together

We have a big variety of options and solutions, in order your events to become unforgettable. Our large property offers many activities – dance with 500 people, play outdoor games, celebrate the mid-summer eve and play golf. You would not lack of activities! Of course you can visit the resort with your own group of friends – have birthday parties, play golf with your co-workers or just come for a nice barbeque with friends.

6. Exciting activities near our resort

Near Küla villa resort there are many interesting attractions you can visit while staying in Küla villa with your friends, family or colleagues. First being Esko farm, where the world‘s best cheese is made and where they have shot the footage for Estonian favorite series “Õnne 13”. Not far is also possible to ride the horses and shoot the bow.

7. Personal solutions

Küla villa vacation resort is homely and cozy. If needed, special solutions will be figured out by staff members to fill the need of every guest. We don’t have a specific price list! In any case, we will figure out the deal! We wish to give every guest an unforgettable memory and good emotions. Believe it, our little family business can do that!