Prices for all services are upon agreement!

Greenery, outdoor summer events and golf

25 hectares of greenery lies around the scenic lake and its’ highest peak reaches ten meters from above the waterline. There is also a possibility to play golf on the freshly cut greenland and to practice your golf swing from the hilltop.

Food and catering

Cooking together is a nice way to spend your time and to enjoy doing something together. Külavilla has good kitchen equipment and wide working space. An island located in the middle of the kitchen allows to cook together with a group of people and to have a cooking workshop!
For those who like to enjoy their food without having to make it, there is a possibility to order catering. This is convinient for larger groups consisting of more than 20 people. Catering services we buy in from established partners.

Külavilla also offers a proffesional and fun „home-bread making“ workshops.

Photo sessions and painting

The picturesque nature around KülaVilla along with the manor’s cosy interior is also a great place for those seeking to record themselves on a photo or painting. Photographer Janne Luigla works in cooperation with us and we strongly recommend her services. You can get more acquainted with Janne at and her blog .

The private environment is also an excellent opportunity for those seeking to have a nude painting or nude photograph created of them; why not in nature.

NB. We also rent out rooms and environment for photographers and artists.

Hot tub

The best place to have a great time and a place that nobody really wants to leave once they’re already in (in winter).


This dwelling can effortlessly fit 10 people and can be used as a shelter from even the heaviest rain and wind (in summer).

Be active- boost Your spirit and physique

There is nothing better than a little physical effort, before relaxing in the sauna! Already in the good old times people from different villages gathered together do some work outdoors and to help one another. Today, unfortunately, many of us lack these kinds of experiences/oppurtunities.

Our goal is not to make you work for free, but to give You the experience of sharing these activities outdoors in the fresh air together, which will surely guarantee a good night’s sleep.

There are couple different activities to choose from:

  • Haymaking- mowing, trimming, raking the hay together, towing the hay with a small tractor
  • Raking the seaweed on the lake together from the floating pantoon, delivering the seaweed to the shore and to tow it with a small tractor
  • Tree planting- digging holes, planting trees, watering

Winter package „On the ICE and UNDER the ice“

On the Kylavillas’ lake ice and under the ice! After two hours of playing hockey on the ice there is a possibility to go to sauna and jump into an ice hole. When jumping into icy water seems little bit too extreme, You can also enjoy the steeming sauna tub on the terrace overviewing the beautiful lake. This package includes a hot peasoup made on the outdoor fire, kissel for desert and music (from the outside speakers). Because the lake is lighted, it also provides an opportunity for evening events.