Küla Villa is situated in Kajamaa, Saku parish, just a 15-minute drive from Tallinn. It’s unique architecture creates an inspiring atmosphere for workshops and seminars, beautiful nature views make it a miraculous venue for weddings and other important events in your life.

The main house

…has III storeys:
On the 1st floor there is a 60m2 dining room with a cozy fireplace and a spacious kitchen unit, where the guests can cook and spend time together. 30 people can be seated there. The available appliances are an electric stove, a gas cooker, a dishwasher, a microwave, a large refrigerator and tableware.

On the II floor is a 60m2 party hall, where 20 people can be seated comfortably.

Through the party hall is an exit to a big balcony where the guests can enjoy views on the beautiful landscape surrounding the premises.

The second floor also has a master bedroom (40 m2) with a double bed and an extra 8 seats for more intimate gatherings. There is also a spacious bathroom on the II floor.

New party hall

  • A grand hall with high ceiling, that houses 100 quests
  • Stage 3×5m
  • 2 inside balconies with soft furniture (lounge)
  • Kitchen for caterer
  • 4 double rooms + 2 family rooms
  • Washroom (4 showers)

The sauna house

…is a 2-storey building across from the main house and by the lake. It’s surrounded by a terrace and a fieldstone wall. There is also an outdoor fireplace.

On the 1st floor of the sauna house is a little relaxing area with comfortable seating for 10 people. There is also a possibility to cook there (integrated stove and refrigerator). (+wc)

The sauna accommodates 4-5 people at once and from the washing room is an exit to the outdoor terrace, where there’s a hot tub and a stairway to the lake.

The II floor of the sauna house has 3 bedrooms for 8 guests in total.

A private lake

…gives an opportunity to go boating, fishing and swimming. Also, during the winter season guests can try dunking themselves in an ice-hole, go ice-skating and play hockey.

Parking lot